“We have been very pleased with the results of the Shut-Eye Acoustical Shutters here at our Candlewood Suites facility. They have provided for a more pleasant, quieter experience for our guests and have reduced noise complaints.”
– Rachid Alaoui, CLM
General Manager
Candlewood Suites
Lake Mary, Florida

“The shutter is phenomenal! I can’t believe the difference, it’s worth every penny!!!”
– Amy Reed, Orlando, Florida

“The shutters are great!”
– personal note from Molly and Robert Oksner, Orlando, Florida

“It’s a great product – it makes the planes sound so far away, I love it!”
– Amy Reed, Orlando, Florida

“Thank you for this absolutely incredible invention. We love it, and we’ve never slept so well as last night. We’ll never be able to thank you enough!!”
– Linda Landwirth, Orlando , Florida

“If anyone asks about the product, let them know it’s a huge help also with noise reduction in highway noise, garbage trucks, and fire/police sirens.”
– Amy Reed, Orlando, Florida

“We have never slept as well as we did last night. The shutters blocked all of the traffic noise that we used to hear through our bedroom window. Anyone who needs to reduce noise from outside their home or office should consider your shutters.”
– Henri Landwirth, Partner, Holiday Inn Family Suites and Founder, Give Kids the World (read the full letter here)

A client reports that she barely heard the fireworks outside on July 4th, because of her Shut-Eye™ Acoustical Shutters.